Monday, September 23, 2013

Reflections on BYU

Last year, Bryce and I traveled to South Bend, Indiana to attend the BYU/Notre Dame football game.  That campus was an experience.  I loved the tradition and beauty that surround the entire University.  One of my thoughts as I sat in their football stadium was this--BYU could learn a few things from Notre Dame.

The players attend mass before the game.  Religious announcements were made right along with football related announcements.  I was actually surprised at how much religion was incorporated into the whole experience.  And they were not in the least embarrassed about it.

Now I do not think Catholic students are more religious than LDS students.  Not at all.  And maybe if I were not a Mormon attending a BYU football game, I would notice more religion than I do.  But I was happy Saturday night when President Uchtdorf walked around the stadium waving at the students amid their enthusiastic cheers.  He was greeted like a rock star. As he should be.

A wonderful reminder of the reason that BYU exists at all. 


Fran said...

I love BYU. When I graduated I charged out of there full of myself and glad to be out in the world making our way. When I reflect on BYU it is with great appreciation for the singular experience it is in campus life and education. And of course those six wonderful spouses of our children are a gift from BYU!

Janell said...

All of your children attended BYU! And you and Tim. That is really quite amazing. Yes, as you can tell, I too appreciate the unique contribution of BYU. Thanks for reminding me that many of my favorite people (you and your family) have Brigham Young University on their diploma.